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From: Tien-min Gabriel Chu (
Date: Tue Mar 16 1999 - 19:31:53 EET

Thanks to Foamcaster, Bruce LeMaster, Drew Brown, Tan Chor Ann, Philip
Price and Mike for your response to my question about resin can disposal.
This is a great mailing list.

Philp's reply is already posted on the list and I will not re-post it
here. All other people suggested cutting the top part of the can open and
expose the inside of the can to sun light. After the remaining resin is
completely cured, dispose it the same way as other cured resin. Following
is the recommended way of cutting the can open by Mike from Adavntage

Thanks again.

Tien-Min Gabriel Chu DDS PhD
Materials Science and Engineering
University of Michigan

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Yes, we use a saber saw with a metal blade. A good hack saw will also
work. Handle the can carefully with gloves and such until it has been
cured. We do not worry about how the can looks when it is done. We cut the
top one inch off not just the lid.


>On Tue, 16 Mar 1999, Advantage Prototype systems wrote:
>> Another way to dispose of the the cans is to cut the top off the can and
>> it out in the sun to cure the resin then it can be handled like you get
>> of old SL models.

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