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Date: Tue Mar 16 1999 - 22:09:54 EET

Here is what I have heard so far, all of this is second hand information so
I am not sure of the accuracy. It sounds like the machines speed and
material strength are the best improvements, plus some enhancements in the
software to place parts (hopefully the software will be made available for
the actua 2100) One thing you did not mention in your post is accuracy. The
new machine is still 300 dpi. I would guess the new material has less
overall shrink which should help accuracy. One of my deepest concerns it
that 3Dsystems will abandon the Actua 2100 by not offering new better
materials and better software.
I have added some other thoughts within your post below.

Chris Aiken wrote:

> I'd like to know what people think about the new ThermoJet Solid Object
> Printer by 3D Systems. Is anyone planning on implementing large numbers
> of these machines? Is this the beginning of taking RP out of the labs
> and giving it to the users much like printers and plotters, or is this
> machine still to complicated and fragile to release into the general
> engineering community for every day use.
> It appears that 3D has improved the speed,

Only if the part is wider then the head on the 2100. From what I have heard
so far the print head actually jets slower. It is just 3 times wider

> reliability

I don't see any difference in reliability

> and part
> durability

This I see as the most importance difference

> while reducing the cost significantly.

Most of the price difference is eaten away in the fact that the warranty is
only 90 days rather then a year.

A half inch of valuable work space has been lost in the y direction

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