RE: disposal of empty resin can

Date: Wed Mar 17 1999 - 02:25:25 EET


Why cut open the can?? You are making far too much work for yourself.
The lid is only crimped on, so use a screwdriver to uncrimp the lid
(that's what the holes in the crimp "ears" are for). The lid will come
off. Attached to the lid is a plastic liner that holds the resin. Cut
off a bottom corner of the liner to drain any remaining resin into
another can for future use. Now place the liner/lid assembly outside in
the sun (or in the PCA) for a few hours. Dispose of the metal can
normally as it is NOT contaminated by liquid resin (we reuse the can for
garbage, shipping, or whatever need arises). After the resin is cured,
dispose of the liner & lid as required by local environmental/safety
regulations (most will allow disposal of CURED resin as normal solid

This method saves all the usable resin, does not require dangerous tools
and minimizes the hazardous waste disposal volume.


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