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<< The lid is only crimped on, so use a screwdriver to uncrimp the lid
 (that's what the holes in the crimp "ears" are for). >>
Methinks you are talking about two totally differant kinds of cans. Mine don't
have ears, and it would take much more than a screwdriver to get the lid off.
I am continutally disappointed in the resin manufacturers lack of thought
towards their container design.
  First the container should facilitate the removal of as much resin as
possible. Such as some automotive oil containers do. I would actually prefer a
removable bladder, sort of like a beer power ball or somesuch. Considering the
cost(of the resin), it is very disappointing to go to all the trouble of
cutting the lid off to find there is perhaps half a cup of resin still inside
the container dispite all efforts to pour it out.
  Second the disposal issue. A thoughful approach to resin container design
would certainly include an easily removable bladder, or lid to facilitate the
curing of what little container contents would be left, given consideration of
the first requirement.
Our solution is to throw the whole can into the incinerator with the rest of
the hazardous waste.
Andy Scott
Lockheed Martin Aerospace

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