Virtual Prototyping

Date: Wed Mar 17 1999 - 12:29:13 EET

Hello all,

Here's a discussion starter: has anyone thought about the impact of
bigger, better, stronger, faster "3D" computer graphics programs and
their impact on RP? I myself cannot see images replacing physical
prototypes as it is against human nature (purely visual versus touch and

This concept appears to me to be similar to the paperless office concept
-- i.e., computers were supposed to eliminate paper documents, but in
reality increased them. Will this also happen in our little world?
What do you think?

Dan Davis
PROTON Rapid Prototyping & Manufacturing Center
Hicom Industrial Estate, Batu Tiga, PO Box 7100
Shah Alam, 40918 Selangor MALAYSIA
+60 3 515-2380 phone/fax

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