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Date: Wed Mar 17 1999 - 15:43:55 EET

At 18:29 17.3.1999 +0800, Dan Davis wrote:

>their impact on RP? I myself cannot see images replacing physical
>prototypes as it is against human nature (purely visual versus touch and

Hello Dan!

You should check this out:

These guys make phonecalls by 3D-models. In their virtual phone is same
functionality as in Nokia 2110i portable and it is connected to cellular
network. You can feel the buttons and the shape of the virtual phone. They
can even demonstrate different materials. For example buttons made from
rubber have totally different touch than plastic ones.

Of course the VP enviroment is not so realistic with those goggles and
haptic devises. But this is a start anyway (actually i think this is
already way beyond start).




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