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>Hello all,
>Here's a discussion starter: has anyone thought about the impact of
>bigger, better, stronger, faster "3D" computer graphics programs and
>their impact on RP? I myself cannot see images replacing physical
>prototypes as it is against human nature (purely visual versus touch and
>This concept appears to me to be similar to the paperless office concept
>-- i.e., computers were supposed to eliminate paper documents, but in
>reality increased them. Will this also happen in our little world?
>What do you think?
>Dan Davis
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I'd have to agree with your analogy. At least this has been my experience
with RP in the jewelry industry.
It doesn't matter how many fully rendered 3D images, polished to perfection
in PhotoShop, that I send to the customer.
A picture will get them interested in a concept.
But, inevitably, it's the feel of the actual object in a customers hand that
will clinch the sale. A large portion of the appeal of jewelry is how the
shape and surface feels in your hand. This can never be conveyed by even the
most realistic computer rendering.
Now if only someone could build a desktop RP machine that worked as easily
and reliably as my 1200 dpi. Epson inkjet printer. (Suddenly the coffee
kicks in, and Paul snaps out of his morning daydream! ;-)

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