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Date: Wed Mar 17 1999 - 09:14:33 EET

     The design of the 4kg metal can that the SLA resin comes in creates a
     liquid trap at the joint where the lid is attached, so no matter how
     long you up-end the can it never completely drains.
     But I found a method that works very well for getting the last of the
     resin out and reduces the waste.
     A large syringe with a vinyl hose extension will reach down into the
     can and let you draw most of the remaining resin out. Just tip the can
     at a 45 degree angle and let it sit an hour and the resin collects. I
     can usually get 1.5 - 2oz of resin out of a can that had previously
     been drained overnight.
     By the way, the syringe works great for adding and removing small
     amounts of resing when setting up the machine. I get them from the
     company nurse, she orders them from a medical supply catalogue.
     I also cure the inside of the can by cutting off the plastic spout and
     setting it under a 150w spotlight overnight. I made a frame to fit
     under my PCA to do this.
     I am jealous of those of you who live in sunny climates that can set a
     can out side. Around here it would never cure.
     Larry Blasch
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Subject: RE: disposal of empty resin can
Author: DANIEL CHARLES DAVIS <> at internet
Date: 3/17/99 1:05 AM

Andy and all,
I am referring to the 18Kg SLA500 (SL5410) containers. With other
resins, YMMV.

Dan Davis
PROTON Rapid Prototyping & Manufacturing Center 
Hicom Industrial Estate, Batu Tiga, PO Box 7100 
Shah Alam, 40918 Selangor MALAYSIA
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> << The lid is only crimped on, so use a screwdriver to uncrimp the lid 
>  (that's what the holes in the crimp "ears" are for).  >>
> Methinks you are talking about two totally differant kinds of cans. 
> Mine don't
> have ears, and it would take much more than a screwdriver to get the 
> lid off.
> I am continutally disappointed in the resin manufacturers lack of 
> thought
> towards their container design. 
>   First the container should facilitate the removal of as much resin 
> as
> possible. Such as some automotive oil containers do. I would actually 
> prefer a
> removable bladder, sort of like a beer power ball or somesuch. 
> Considering the
> cost(of the resin), it is very disappointing to go to all the trouble 
> of
> cutting the lid off to find there is perhaps half a cup of resin still 
> inside
> the container dispite all efforts to pour it out. 
>   Second the disposal issue. A thoughful approach to resin container 
> design
> would certainly include an easily removable bladder, or lid to 
> facilitate the
> curing of what little container contents would be left, given 
> consideration of
> the first requirement. 
> Our solution is to throw the whole can into the incinerator with the 
> rest of
> the hazardous waste.
> Andy Scott
> Lockheed Martin Aerospace
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