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Date: Wed Mar 17 1999 - 18:59:47 EET

TO All:

My name is JD Elliott and I am a student at Oklahoma State
University-Okmulgee. In the Distinctive Manufacturing Technology
Program my studies are focused in the areas of Pro/ENGINEER and
Stereolithography. I am interested in finding a company willing to
have a competent intern for 15 weeks starting around April 27th and
possible future employment . For interested companies I have my
Digital Career Portfolio online at (visit my
project page and take a look at the robot I have reversed engineered )
for this semester and at for the semesters,
plus my resume.
I am open to all intern options no matter how far they are from the
school. If you or a company you know of could use an intern/future
employee please respond to this email as soon as you can.

The Distinctive Manufacturing Technology (DMT) program has a webpage
at . The DMT program is supported by
the National Science Foundation and is looking for companies that are
willing to get involved in what the students are learning. DMT is a
program revolved around its industry partners. The DMT program is
looking for Global support in a Global Economy.

Thank You in Advance for your help,

Jeffrey D. Elliott

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* Personal Homepage Displaying a Digital Portfolio
* Other Home Page for This Semesters work
* OSU-Okmulgee student Pro/Engineer & Stereolithography applications
* Distinctive Manufacturing Technology Program
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