From: Brad Fox (
Date: Wed Mar 17 1999 - 20:11:28 EET

I'd like to try and clear up something about the Actua. This product is
continued to be supported by 3D Systems. Maintenance agreements apply,
material (TJ-75) is and will continue to be available. 3D Systems has (IMHO)
an excellent history of supporting their products.

The Actua will continue to be a great tool for companies doing concept
models, patterns for investment casting, etc. In fact, I have had several
requests recently for used Actuas. With 3D's support behind them, these used
machines will become very attractive machines (due to low prices) for
Universities, Foundrys, etc. They are a great value.

The pace of technology is always fast, always moving forward. Just because
we now have ThermoJet doesn't mean Actua shouldn't be considered.


Brad Fox
Rapid Design Technologies

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