Re: Pro/E to .STL?

From: Puneet Tandon (
Date: Thu Mar 18 1999 - 09:23:37 EET

Dear Kwok

You can convert .prt file to .stl file by going to interface submenu,
export option, followed by STL option, and then deciding chord length and
angle of control. In PRR20 and above, export option is directly there in
File menu.


At 03:47 PM 3/17/99 +0800, you wrote:
> Dear RP List, How can I convert the Pro/E .prt file to standard .STL
>file? I know it can't driectly but anyone help me to fingure out the path,
>please? Thanx in advance.
>Frankie, K. T. Kwok, MPhil. Student
>& Mannufacturing Systems Eng.
>The University of Hong Kong, SAR China
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