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Date: Thu Mar 18 1999 - 06:22:23 EET

I agree that we have to go a long way to replace physical prototypes with
virtual ones. However, VP can act as a complementary technology to RP for better
and efficient product development. Virtual prototyping, covers a spectrum of
engineering tools used for product design and manufacturing. In product design,
it is useful for geometry manipulation. However, as of time, the haptic devices
we have are not very user friendly and manipulation with them is limited. But,
we have a good starting point. One day, a stylist will create/ manipulating a
topology with a glove and a RP machine producing it.

The second major domain of VP is process modeling, useful to simulate the
manufacturing process for parameter tuning and alleviate bottlenecks. This
division where the human interaction is not very dominant as in product design,
has promising outcomes. For this process modeling, RP is defiantly the nearest
cousin, because of its 3D model requirement.

We are now simulating RP process in virtual environment to tune process
parameters. The virtually fabricated parts are useful as good reference to
overcome problems due to overlapping contours, analyze stair-step effect,
orientation influence, adding colors and textures for realistic representation
of it. The output in VRML format is useful to solicit feedback via web, I am
working over the same. Ofcourse, adding the thermal analysis would be useful for
a better understanding of the geometric changes.

to sum up all :
    VP+RP= better, efficient and economic product development


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> >Here's a discussion starter: has anyone thought about the impact of
> >bigger, better, stronger, faster "3D" computer graphics programs and
> >their impact on RP? I myself cannot see images replacing physical
> >prototypes as it is against human nature (purely visual versus touch and
> >sight).
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> >This concept appears to me to be similar to the paperless office concept
> >-- i.e., computers were supposed to eliminate paper documents, but in
> >reality increased them. Will this also happen in our little world?
> >What do you think?
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