Origin of an image, CT 'n tooling

From: Juha Suokas (suokas@bart.lpt.fi)
Date: Thu Mar 18 1999 - 10:10:45 EET

Hi all,

I know this isn't that closely related to RP, but I couldn't think of a
better way to ask this than RP-ML:
Does anyone know a website with the image attached to this email? I've
downloaded it months ago and now I would like to ask a permission to use it
in my diplomawork (about RE) as a description of CT, but I can't find it
anymore. So if some of you happens to know where this is from, please let
me know...Or, if you have a similiar image - describing the basics of CT -
available, I'd be happy to use that instead.

Also, if any of you have a demo-case about CT assisted rapid tooling, I
would be very pleased if I could read it and describe the case briefly in
my work. I already have the "CT-Assisted Rapid Tooling" - article by J.H.
Stanley and R.N. Yancey of ARACOR and it looks pretty good, but there must
be some others also available? I don't need anything fancy, since my
diplomawork is about RE in general - not about CT, I will only write a page
or so about CT assisted Rapid Tooling.

TIA, Juha Suokas
Juha Suokas
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