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From: Spielman, Roger L (
Date: Thu Mar 18 1999 - 20:26:21 EET

        Phil wrote:

> Then should one ever buy into such technology or only seek to use the
> service bureau (risk takers ??). The assumption I guess is they will
> achieve
> payback within the product life, plus funds surplus to allow future
> investment in a rapidly updating technology field.
> Actually, I'm getting pretty excited with some of the more current systems
> falling behind the technological curve. Once this equipment is cast out
> of the mainstream, it becomes very attractive to the small entrepreneurs.
> With the justification required for corporate acquisition of capital
> equipment, I see the largest volume of new ideas coming from the small
> players. Innovation at the corporate level is often hindered by ROI's,
> committees, and "strategic alliances".
With "obsolete" equipment becoming available to innovators that are not
constrained by corporate bureaucracy, changes will happen quickly, and I
think people will find ways of utilizing this equipment in ways most of us
never thought of.

Roger Spielman
The Boeing Co.

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