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From: Brad Fox (
Date: Thu Mar 18 1999 - 23:09:47 EET

Roger makes a good point.

>With "obsolete" equipment becoming available to innovators that are not
>constrained by corporate bureaucracy, changes will happen quickly, and I
>think people will find ways of utilizing this equipment in ways most of us
>never thought of.
>Roger Spielman
>The Boeing Co.

Here's a 'real world' example. I currently have a used Actua for sale for
$20,000.00. The company is selling this to buy a ThermoJet. The company
DOCUMENTED they returned their investment in the Actua in less than one
year. Now they upgrade to the latest and greatest.

I already have several interested in this $20K Actua because they can use it
to investment cast metal parts. Their corporate budget would go for the list
price on a new Actua last year, BUT DOES HAVE $20k.

What's more, this new user will see a less than one year payback on his
application. Creative thinking on how to apply "outdated" technology makes
the difference for those willing to put forth some effort. Try a little of
that instead of bemoaning how the manufacturers of technology are so terrible.

BTW - if anyone is interested in the $20K Actua, please contact me (sorry -
selfish plug!)

Brad Fox
Rapid Design Technologies

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