Service Bureau in Turkey

From: genpas (
Date: Fri Mar 19 1999 - 10:42:56 EET

Dear rp-ml members,

We are the representative of 3D Systems and MCP-HEK in Turkey.
Our companies' name is GENPAS and we deal with RP and RT for 3 years.
And in these 3 years we have been a very  experienced company in RP and RT systems
in Turkey.

Now we have installed a SLA 3500 machine in Istanbul to make our
presentations, more affective and build benchmark parts. We have also a sand
blasting machine to make finishing of the SL parts.

In near future we will continue our investments with a Vacuum Casting System.

Now we are ready to act also as a service bureau with our SLA 3500.
We can work for all Europe, Asia and Turkey with great technical
support of 3D Systems.

If you get contact with us from the below adresses you can get your suitable
quotation in a day.

Atilla UZMAN

Our adress:
Siraselviler Cad. No:66/2
Ayla Han
81300 Taksim/ISTANBUL

Tel : 00 90 212 245 31 52
        00 90 212 245 21 91
        00 90 212 249 69 99

Fax: 00 90 212 249 76 60

Email : For more information about the rp-ml, see

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