Re: Textured SLA parts

From: Bruce E. LeMaster (
Date: Fri Mar 19 1999 - 15:32:36 EET

"C.H Lai" wrote:

> Are they putting texture on the physical part? What I expected to see is having the texture created by the RP machine.

Yes, the texture is "built up" on the surface of the SL part. AME applies (sprays) a photopolymer to the surface of the
SL part and then etches away material to leave a texture. If you want very precise parts you will need to take into
account the fact that they are adding material, although very little, to the surface.

Given the very small detail, I believe it will be some time before you see the RP machines actually creating these
textures. One of the high-res lasers could probably come close on a select few textures but the problem is how do you get
the texture into the .stl format without make the file size so large that it becomes unmanageable.

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