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From: michael rees (
Date: Sun Mar 21 1999 - 21:29:21 EET

Hey list,

Do you think of art as an indulgence? Is it a whimsy? Is it something
that is several notches below your real concerns as an engineer? As a
scientist? Is it great for them, but of no consequence to your life?

Well, why not check out this article about Bell Labs.


"The artist who blithely goes through an entire career ignorant of the
technological tools of his or her trade strikes us as a sad anachronism,
and the technician who doesn't spend at least some
down time fooling around with graphics, animation or music seems to us
terribly one sided. "

So, how many of you are fooling around with the CAD, making models? How
many more would love to do so?

Thought provoker, rp-art evangelist,

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The use of rapid prototyping in art will contribute immensely to the popularization of rp.

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