Materialise job opening CAD/CAM - Rapid Tooling

From: Mark Bliek (
Date: Mon Mar 22 1999 - 17:59:56 EET

CAD/CAM Application Engineer

Materialise is the developer of the Magics software line of products,
which is used to manipulate STL files for Rapid Prototyping and Rapid
Currently Materialise is employing over 70 people, and has offices in
the US, Belgium and France.

We are expanding our Ann Arbor (MI) facility and have an immediate
opening for an application Engineer CAD/CAM.
Responsibilities are the support of our customer base and the
demonstration of our products to potential customers.
The ideal candidate would have CAD/CAM experience in a mold-making
As the Internet is going to play an important role in the way people are
using our products, in depth knowledge of Windows and UNIX operating
systems, networking and the Internet is a must.

Call (734) 662 5057 or email for more information

Send resume to:

Mark Bliek
6111 Jackson Road
Ann Arbor, MI 48103
Phone (734) 662-5057
Fax (734) 662-7891

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