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Date: Mon Mar 22 1999 - 19:27:13 EET

Since I have been dragged into this thread by Tim and Karl, please allow me
to offer the following on SL resin safety.

I have been sensitized to SL epoxy resins since 1992. However, I still work
with the resins frequently without physical reaction by keeping the resins
and solvents away from my skin. Information is available for anyone free
of charge in MS Word format concerning SL lab safety. I will also be
presenting this information at the 1999 3D Systems North American
Stereolithography User's Group Conference in May.

Finally, I have a 6-minute VHS tape covering personal protective equipment.
This covers the methods we use in our lab. This can be copied by others for
their own use, but I do not have resources for shipping and copying. 3D
Systems at one time had made 200 copies of this, but have lost them somehow.

 Karl Denton has been kind enough to copy this video to AVI and MPEG
formats. All the above (AVI, MPEG, MS Word, and PowerPoint) is at the
Georgia Tech Web RP Lab Web site (Reggie Ponder: help us with the address
for all this stuff).

Please practice safe RP!

Steve Deak e-mail:
Mgr.-Rapid Prototyping voice: (+1) 513-579-3270
Hasbro, Inc. fax: (+1) 513-579-3250
615 Elsinore Place
Cincinnati, OH 45202 USA "Our Business is FUN!"

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>Finally, I fully agree with Karl that Safety around resin and all hazardous
>chemicals is of paramount importance. Steve Deak's work is a great model
>and point of departure for a Safety Plan. In the spring of 1998, after
seven >years of near-daily SLA machine operation, I had my first resin
sensitization >event. It can happen to anyone, and it can happen all of the
sudden, and it >can happen after many years of non-events. Do be careful.

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