Web based training from SME

From: Linda Johnson (JohnLin@sme.org)
Date: Mon Mar 22 1999 - 23:32:41 EET

SME is committed to providing continuing education in the most
convenient ways for our customers. We currently offer public seminars,
corporate training and are now researching ways to put some of our
programs on the internet. We are asking you to take a few minutes to
complete our survey. Your responses will help us design the best
programs to meet your needs. To access the form visit the SME website
at www.sme.org or click on the following:


Thank you in advance for your participation.

Linda Johnson
Lead Technical Market Specialist
Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing '99 Event Manager
Society of Manufacturing Engineers
One SME Drive
Dearborn, Michigan 48121
Email: rapid@sme.org
Phone: 313-271-1500, ext. 2115
FAX: 313-240-8254

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