Former Plynetics Employee ?

From: todd cleverley (
Date: Tue Mar 23 1999 - 00:02:13 EET

  As a former longtime employee of Plynetics, I have a few questions
regarding the current impressions the company has in thr RP industry.
I worked for Plynetics starting in '94 when the model shop occupied a
single room in San Leandro. When the opportunity for expansion to the
Portland area came about, I packed up and moved, eager at the
possibilities to expand with a company who seemed to know it's target
market in the high tech woods of the Northwest. Sadly, it ended. For all
intents and purposes, the people who worked on the actual projects, were
under the impression that our customers were happy with our work and we
had a reputation of quality behind us. Why is it then that so many of us
are struggling to find positions in similar fields of work? A common
response we've heard is "Oh, Plynetics. Sorry, we're just not hiring
right now.". Is there truly a glut of model/mold makers in the RP
market, or did we leave that sour of a taste in the industry? I don't
mean this to sound whiny, I'd just really appreciate some feedback.
Thank you.

 Todd Cleverley

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