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Dear List

Who is YRUWHINING (why are you whining) perhaps its time that he/she
identified themselves and the company they work for instead of hiding behind
a marginally funny mail name.

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Subject: Re: "in some cases the most arrogant about it"

>You forgot to mention how your company offers the lowest pricing in your
>industry...How much do you think it costs to invent an industry/
>machines and then reinvent them everyday (often referred to as "R&D")?
>nice to hear how you've "used their equipment for some time" and how you
>"believe that they have very sound an (sic) reliable equipment but others
>catching up" - that's why they're spending money on R&D. And, if they're
>successful at product development, you're right...customer loyalty will
>- it will INCREASE.
>I don't recall your postings when they recently announced two
>In a message dated 3/22/99 4:50:41 PM Pacific Standard Time,
> writes:
>> As for the price tag that 3D has decided to put on their equipment I can
>> only say that I think this will hurt in the long run. They have always
>> the highest priced and . This may
>> change over time and I hope that it does. I have used their equipment
>> some time and do believe that they have very sound an reliable equipment
>> others are catching up and should not be over looked by 3D. Instead of
>> seeing an industry wide slow down I think that we will see customer
>> change from manufacturer to manufacturer based on these things.
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