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Date: Tue Mar 23 1999 - 20:48:44 EET

My latest preceeded by &&&&&&&&&&&&&

At 08:18 PM 3/22/99 -0600, you wrote:
>> ############ Test your ideas first using a service bureau. For example, we
>> could cast your pattterns in beryllium copper alloy which is ideal for
>> masters. It's a two day process, and it can be polished. or A356-T6 if you
>> prefer it.
>Are you saying you would act as a service bureau?

&&&&&&&&&&&&& &&&&&&&&& Yes, we serve as a Sanders MM6B service bureau on a
time-available basis.

I would be interested in testing
>a few pieces on a Sanders prior to purchasing a machine. I could do the
>myself however, as I would want the pieces in gold for photography
purposes. How
>does the pricing work for Sanders prototypes?

&&&&&&&&&& Send a zipped binary .stl and we'll quote, patterns or castings
in beryllium copper for masters.
>It may be a few months before I have a buildable CAD file ready. I am
picking up
>FormZ pretty well but it is only midterm now.

&&&&&&&&&&&& Form Z is the best.

A few more weeks and we will have
>covered all the tools and then on to the final project. Are you familiar
with the
>Artisan software from I-Deas?

&&&&&&&&&&& No, we don't design parts, just molds.

It also looked interesting and I have ordered the

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