RE: 1/4-20 thread?

From: will pattison (
Date: Tue Mar 23 1999 - 19:37:47 EET

i doubt you'll be satisfied with the result making this thread directly.
 other than with sanders and maybe actua, you will have a hard time
creating this thread in any rp machine.

you didn't say if it was male or female, but either way, i would recommend
a secondary process. if it's female, model in a pilot hole, then drill and
tap post-build. sls nylon materials machine very well, so you should have
no problem.

will pattison
product development engineer
4d design

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From: Ray Brandes
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To: Doug Bucci
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I assume it is a 60deg V thread, but is it male or female? What class?
Make the male body .25" diameter to the theoretical sharp point then
remove .001 to .002 from the diameter.
Make the female the same .25" to the theoretical sharp but add .001 to
.002 to this.
Does it have to fit an existing part? Can you make it heavy and then run
a tap or die on it?

Doug Bucci wrote:

> Hello, I need to create a 1/4-20 thread in SLS can anyone provide me
> with the minimum tolerances for creating this? Thank you,Douglas Bucci
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