Texture on SLA

From: Lee Eisinger (texture@textureame.com)
Date: Wed Mar 24 1999 - 15:14:13 EET

We are not limiting this texture application process to just matte
finishes. We can
apply almost any pattern that can currently be etched into any mold.
This can
include patterns that are created specifically for a customer.

The depth of most of the spray patterns you could apply is shallow and
often erratic
in its' depth. We have applied patterns that are .010" deep. Furthermore
with our
process, we are able to smooth out the layering without removing the
afterwards apply the textures on top of the corrected part.

Lee Eisinger
Akron Metal Etching

Bruce E. LeMaster wrote:

> DanF@aol.com wrote:
> > A whole bunch of service bureaus have been doing this for years
(spraying on
> > Mold Tech textures)
> Dan,
> Can you elaborate? Have you been spraying on a material and then
etching away
> what's not wanted to leave a specific texture? Or, do you mean that
> have been using spray paint techniques to create textures that
approximate "Mold
> Tech" finishes? The later I would certainly agree with as we have
been doing it
> for some time also.
> Bruce E. LeMaster
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