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Date: Wed Mar 24 1999 - 17:13:31 EET


Is there a way that I could get a brief description of the process that you
have developed? Similar to DTM or ProMetal? I am currently studying P/M
processing here at Penn State and would like to hear more about the
process. Also, what are some general characteristics of the stainless
powder that you are using (flow, packing, etc.) if you are at liberty to
disclose such info.

I look forward to hearing about this process!

At 01:33 PM 3/24/99 +0000, Jonathan Reynolds wrote:
>Dear Colleagues
>Two years ago we posted a notice with RP-ML about our new rapid tooling
>powder metallurgy two step method. A proprietary method developed by Simeon
>Bojilov here at New Design Models in Syracuse, New York.
>Since then Simeon has continued to develope the process. We are using
>Stainless Steel 420 ( -325+16 microns ) powder.
>We participated in the May 98 RP-ML Exhibit in Dearborne, MI. Our booth
>number was 119. We also participated in the Injection Molding Tooling show
>last November in Detroit (booth 112).
>We will be at the RP-ML show in April of this year, in Chicago.
>There has been a lot of discussion about this tooling method that we have
>developed. We welcome your inquiries, and look forward to seeing you in
>Simeon Bojilov
>New Design Models
>Syracuse, New York
>(315) 492-2933
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