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From: Tom Richards (
Date: Wed Mar 24 1999 - 22:51:24 EET

I agree Al. As long as the content is informative as to the practice of
RP&M, it isn't necessary for me to know from whom it came. You've provided a
plausible reason why some persons might want to contribute, but have to do
it anonymously.

At 07:30 AM 3/24/99 PST, you wrote:
>AS I have stated before,
>some companies frown upon contributing to mailing lists. they see it as
>helping their competition. so anonymity is a way of keeping their job
>and still having some thing to offer. I would hate to miss out on good
>feed back because someone is apprehensive about divulging who they are.
>Whats the big deal anyway? I'm happy as long as the language is proper
>and considering the times, they could be doing a lot worse on the list
>(we've gotten viruses from people who do identify themselves).
>My two cents,
>Al Sims
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