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From: razdan (razdan@asu.edu)
Date: Fri Mar 26 1999 - 20:20:04 EET

Hi. I have been looking for an article on texture mapping for RP. The
details are below

Title : "Surface Texture by 3D Printing"
Author: E.Sachs, A.Curodeau, D.Gossard, H.Jee

Published in the SFF symposium 1994, Page 56-64

My emails to dave gossard and emanual sachs have not been returned.

Could a kind soul who has the 1994 proceedings - could you pl. copy the ten
pages and fax it to me.
Or please email me if this is going to be a big expense for you. we can
figure out some way of getting the article.

I cant believe it - its turning so hard to find.

With appreciation in advance !!

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