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Date: Sun Mar 28 1999 - 07:59:52 EEST

I am owner and author of two patents in the rapid prototyping field. Patent
#5,088,047 is a method of using electrophotography to build layers to manufacture
objects. This process is much like a laser printer but the results are three
dimensional.. The main advantage of this method is that more than one material can
be used to fabricate a part. This patent has been under licence to a engineering
company back East that has developed the process through the machine design and
have successfully completed some product. You may have seen their presentation at
various trade shows and MIT. This patent is now available to others. The second
patent, #5,127,037 uses three dimensional data from medical imaging equipment,
CAT or MRI, to make prostheses or anatomical study models of the human
anatomy. Both of these patents are available for licencing or out right sale. I will
consider all offers. Please forward this E-mail to anyone domestic or over seas that
you think would be interested. David Karl Bynum March 24, 1999
 phone 303 828-3376 E-mail
mailing address P.O. Box 296 Erie, CO 80516

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