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Date: Mon Mar 29 1999 - 02:50:44 EEST

HI Philip,

We had the best luck replacing our SLA 250/30 with Compaq's (first a 386,
then a 486).
The 486 was found to be too fast for some of the tuning and setup screens so
we used
a program called ATSlow to slow it down for those programs. Other wise, most
worked fine.

Others on the list may be more up on this, but area's I would expect
conflicts would be
between the standard 3-D ISA boards and the computers video (and network)
You may have to "play around" with the hardware IRQ's on the video and such
to get things going.

Hope this helps. Best of luck.

Rob Anderson
Grand Rapids, Michigan

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    Hi every rapid prototyping's actors !

    My name is Philip Hoarau. I was a field service engeineer in France
working for 3D Systems until September 93. We have five Sla250/30/40, one
Sla500, two Sla5000,one Sla3500, and one sintering machine from EOS. I have
some problems with my old computers one the Sla250/30, and I would like to
get some infos to change them. I know that I can't use tawainesse computers.
    If someone as an experience on that, please let me know what kind of
computer do I need.

    My Email is

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