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From: Bauer Juergen (Juergen.Bauer@SPY.SIEMENS.DE)
Date: Mon Mar 29 1999 - 18:29:51 EEST

Have a look at
It is not that new any more (1996), but I know that my good old BIBA
institute in Bremen has been continuing their work on this subject.


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From: G.Sriram, BayState Infotech, Chennai
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Subject: Secondary Tooling - Sheet Metal

Dear RP-ML subscriber,

Thanks a lot for the response you had sent on the above subject.

I should have described the problem at hand descriptively.

We need the following

1)Information on Sheet metal tooling applications using RP.
2) Brakes Industries /case studies using RP.

Currently our client produces Sheet metal component using CNC made
punch & Dies in 6-8 operations.

We would like to know if RP made Punch and Dies ( by
coating with metal or by treating it)can be used in sheet metal
operations. (Issues : i) Pressure ii) Material properties iii)
Geometric details)

Thanks in advance.


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