From: Travis Hoepner (
Date: Mon Mar 29 1999 - 18:53:58 EEST

Plotter upgrade for the LOM 2030 machine.

        Uses linear rails and self-wiping sliders.

No more cleaning the wheels during or after a build.

No replacement of wheels.

Smooth straight cuts.

        Can square the plotter to within a .001 of a degree.

        Easy to install.

        Prototype plotter is up and running at the Milwaukee School Of Engineering
Rapid Prototyping Center.

For more information contact Travis at MSC Technologies Inc.

        Phone: (414)385-8407

        Travis Hoepner


MSC Technologies, Inc.
5317 West Burnham Street
Milwaukee, WI 53219-1600
(414) 385-8400 Phone
(414) 385-8419 FAX

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