Melissa Virus Alert, not a drill.

Date: Mon Mar 29 1999 - 19:47:23 EEST

This is directly from the AOL network. There are links to other write ups on
the Melissa Virus from ZDNet and others near the end of the article.

Warning! Melissa Virus
  Microsoft Word and Outlook users

A new Microsoft Word 97 virus named Melissa was discovered on Friday, March
26, 1999, and is said to be spreading widely on the Internet.

You can become infected with this virus by downloading and opening an infected
Microsoft Word document attached to an e-mail. The e-mail may look similar to
the sample e-mail provided below. You can also become infected by downloading
an infected file inadvertently sent to you by an infected friend or colleague.
Once the downloaded file is opened, the virus spreads to all Microsoft Word
files created or edited on the infected computer.

Note! This infected e-mail may come from, or look like it came from someone
you know! Be alert for short e-mails that ask you to download an attached
file. And always be cautious in downloading files from people or sources you
do not know.

Once your computer is infected, it will spread the virus in one of two ways.
If you also use Microsoft Outlook, the virus will be automatically e-mailed as
an attached file to the first 50 people in your Outlook address book. Those 50
people will receive an e-mail like the one provided below. Second, you will
inadvertently infect others if you send them infected Microsoft Word files
attached to an e-mail message.

Once infected, the virus will make changes to your Microsoft Word settings
that make it easier for it to spread itself. If you think you may have
downloaded this virus, please go to one of the sites listed below for
instructions on how to remove it.

There are no known effects to the AOL software at this time.

** Begin sample e-mail message **
  From: (name of infected person)
  Subj: Important Message From (name of infected person)
  Date: 3/28/99 8:51:41 AM Eastern Standard Time

  File: LIST.DOC (or other Word document)

  Here is that document you asked for ... don't show anyone else ;-)

** End sample e-mail message **
How to protect yourself from the Melissa virus:
- Install anti-virus software on your computer as soon as possible, if you
haven't already done so. To purchase anti-virus software (Note: downloadable
demonstration versions may not fully protect you against the Melissa virus),
go to the AOL Computer Protection Center at Keyword: <A HREF="aol://1722:virus
Info">Virus Info</A>.
- If you already have anti-virus software, make sure it is up to date. Most
anti-virus companies have posted updates on their web sites that combat the
Melissa virus. Some of those sites are listed below.
  - If you use Microsoft Word, there are steps you can take to protect
yourself by turning on macro virus detection in your Microsoft Word
application. You can learn more about these protective measures at this web
site: <A HREF="">CIAC:
W97M.Melissa Word Macro Virus</A>

For more information on the Melissa virus, how to protect your computer and
how to remove it from your computer, visit these sites:

<A HREF="">
CERT Advisory CA-99-04-Melissa-Macro-Virus</A> (for a description of the
virus, its impact and possible solutions if you think you are infected)
<A HREF="">CIAC: W97M.Melissa
Word Macro Virus</A> (for instructions on how to protect your Microsoft Word
software and analysis of the problem)
<A HREF="">
AVERT -- Virus Alerts -- W97M/Melissa</A> (virus software updates for Network
Associate software users)
W97M.Mailissa</A> (virus software updates for Symantec software users)

To find out about the latest online scams and viruses, and to learn more about
features AOL offers to help you have a safe and enjoyable online experience,
return to Keyword: <A HREF="aol://1722:neighborhoodwatch">AOL Neighborhood
Watch</A> regularly

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