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Date: Mon Mar 29 1999 - 23:33:21 EEST

Hi Jim, thanks for the bcc. I met Olah last week in Orlando. He wants to
blow mold Lexan and the blow mold is one part of a two part job. The second
part could possibly be a rapid tool. Paramount was on a list of service
bureaus that I gave to Olah last week.

Olah, I would highly recommend that you contact Jim directly and discuss
your project with him. Jim has a huge range of technology and capabilities
on hand including SLS Rapid Tool and he has more experience in the
manufacturing business then you and I combined!

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Hello Ola,
Quite possibly my comapny can assist your requirements. We have an
excellent source for blowmolding prototype volumes. Depending on the
size and complexity we've produced molds by machining and cast aluminum.
Also for consideration is the SLS RapidSteel process. Again the
decision to use either process would come after evaluating available
data, part complexity, part size, delivery constraints and budgets.

We also have a rather unique process where we simulate blow molded parts
by a prototype rotational molding process. For this process we use
rubber molds. Good solution if rapid prototypes is your primary

Jim Williams, President and CEO
Paramount Industries
Rapid Product Development & Manufacturing Specialists
2475 Big Oak Road
Langhorne, PA 19047
215.757.9611 voice x229
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Subject: Blowmolding

Dear List,

We are looking for someone that can make a rapid tool for blowmolding
also produce some parts for one of our customer. So far we haven't been
able to find anyone that are doing rapid tooling for this kind of work,
if any of you out there are interested or know of anyone that would be,
please contact us by phone, fax or email.

Thank you,

Ola Harrysson

RP-Tech. Inc.
10847 Glen Cove Circle # 208
Orlando, FL 32817
Phone: (407) 672-0011
Fax: (407) 672-0320

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