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From: B. J. Arnold-Feret (
Date: Tue Mar 30 1999 - 01:32:15 EEST

I see from another poster down the thread that you are looking for Lexan
capability. As I had posted to another blow molder earlier in the year,
make sure that the blow molder that you use has fitted his machine with a
single flight screw and monitored the residence time in the acculmulator.
Polycarbonate is more prone to being shear stressed than a HDPE or PP, hence
you need to have some expertise in the blow molding of engineering grade
material to be successful. Additionally, some flame retardants and
additives can be tricky to deal with in the machine and in the resin, so

Here are a couple of other thoughts-

1. As to using SLS RapidSteel II, I understand that the size of the
part does fall into the limitations of RapidTool II. However, RapidTool
should be compared to using a cast tool, or the possibility of a cut
aluminum tool. Based on some of my recent work in blow molding, all three
possibilities should be compared for cost effectiveness and time savings.
Getting the pin holes and other add ons for the blow molding tool in
RapidSteel may be more challenging that using an blow molding tooler in the
first place.

2. The challenge may not be in getting the alternative or quick
turnaround tooling done, but rather in finding a blow molder with the
proper machine to run the volumes and alternative tool. I suggest that you
may want to coordinate efforts to get the quick turnaround tooling with a
blow molder that is willing to do the work.

There is a design firm here in Texas that has done exactly what you are
looking for in blow molding, which is investigate the possibilities of
tooling, coordinate the work with a firm that will do the blow molding and
compare all options to get the best value for the money. The firm's name is
Project Design Services at 817-329-2701. Mike can steer you in the right
direction. Mike has extensive experience in plastics and in tooling, far
beyond mine.

B. J. Arnold-Feret

>Dear List,
>We are looking for someone that can make a rapid tool for blowmolding and
>also produce some parts for one of our customer. So far we haven't been
>able to find anyone that are doing rapid tooling for this kind of work,
>if any of you out there are interested or know of anyone that would be,
>please contact us by phone, fax or email.
>Thank you,
>Ola Harrysson
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