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From: Christian_Nelson/
Date: Wed Mar 31 1999 - 17:56:49 EEST

There is an accuracy study available on the PMLI web site that compares
SLS, SLA, FDM, LOM, and Aeroflex. The raw data is also available on the
web site. I have looked at it quite closely and can send you some
additional graphs of the data if you would like.

Christian Nelson
DTM Corporation
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Gerard Ryder <> on 03/31/99 07:29:06 AM

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Subject: Benchmarking Data

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I would like to place a general call to all those who have published (or
not published but have the data available) RP accuracy benchmarking surveys
of the various technologies.

would it be possible to gain access to this information?
The journal or conference reference where it was published or
the electronic version?

Any groups information would be welcomed; Vendors, Universities, companies,
individuals, etc.

I thank you in advance for your help

Gerard Ryder

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