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Date: Thu Apr 01 1999 - 08:13:23 EEST

This mail needen a little push to get there, but here it finally is.

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Yours truly

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Date: Wed, 31 Mar 1999 12:38:26 +0200
To: RP List <rp-ml@bart.lpt.fi>
From: Yakov Horenstein <yakov@planet.it>
Subject: Farewell

Greetings everyone,

Before I unsubscribe definitively from this list, I would like to post one
last message. Not coming from an engineering background, I was more than
usually dependent on personal contacts and tools such as this list, not to
mention various conferences around the world, to help keep me informed, and
to keep my head above water, in what often seemed to me like an
extraordinarily complex profession. In order to survive I had to learn a
new language. These limitations turned into an advantage as I was forced to
seek out sympathetic people who could explain these complexities to me and,
with the help of this list, I have made a good number of friends whom I
would like to salute now. To all the people I have known, personally or
from afar, during the 8 fascinating years that I have spent following the
fortunes of the RP industry, thank you infinitely for your friendship and
support. The time has come for me to leave the RP industry for good, and
unsubscribing from this list is the last move as I get more involved in
other projects. I wish all of you much success for your future, good luck,
and blessings for the upcoming holidays.

Yakov Horenstein
Milano, Italy

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