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Date: Thu Apr 01 1999 - 18:53:34 EEST

Travis, we are running RapidSteel 2.0 in an SLS2000 as well. We have run a
number of inserts as well as parts without a breakage problem, unless we dropped
it. How are you breaking the parts out? We index the build cylinder
incrementally and brush as much of the powder back into the feed cartridges as
possible. Being careful not the hit the part. We then slide the part onto a
metal plate and put it into a small plastic blast cabinet (The kind you can buy
for $99 from Northern Tool, etc...) We then use low pressure air and artist
brushes to remove any remaining powder. We also generally have water lines and
ejector pin holes as well.
On large inserts it is best to have it supported with some type of plate and not
pick it up by the edges only.

How much laser power are you using?

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> Hello List,
> I am currently working with a DTM 2000. We are experimenting with Rapid
> steel 2.0. Has anyone else had problems with cleaning the parts in the green
> state? It seems to us that thin sections will break even under there own
> weight. How thin of a section is able to be handled without breaking? Any
> information on your experiences would be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Travis E. Behara
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