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Date: Mon Apr 05 1999 - 11:38:06 EEST

                                                    Rapid Prototyping ERC.,
                                                    School of Mechanical Engineering,
                                                    Xi'an Jiao Tong University
                                                    Xi'an ,Shaanxi 710049
                                                    The People's Republic of China
                                                    April 5,1999

Dear Sir :

I am writing to apply for postdoctoral fellow/research fellow in your department , and intend to begin my research in 1999.

I obtained my B.S (Mechanical Manufacture ) from Gansu University of Technology in 1992, and M.S.(CAD/CAM ) from the Graduate School of Gansu University of Technology in 1995. Now I am pursuing a Ph.D. degree in Rapid Prototyping &Manufacturing ERC., School of Mechanical Engineering, Xi'an Jiao Tong University. I will graduate and obtain Ph.D. degree in April 1999.

My research interests include computer graphics, solid modeling , feature-based design, CAD for die & mold, reverse engineering ,rapid prototyping & rapid tooling ,CAE for sheet metal forming, ACES Injection Molding (AIM). The topic of My Ph.D. dissertation is research on the CAD technique of rapid tooling based on rapid prototyping. During my half past three years' study ,I specialized in Computer Aided parting design in die & mould design (determination of main parting direction ,generation of parting line and parting surface, identification and extract of undercut) as well as generation of RP pattern based on part geometry for indirect tooling . Now I have developed a software that can automatically complete parting design and RP pattern generation, which is completely based on part geometric information.

As a key CAD designer of Rapid Prototyping & Manufacturing Center, I fulfilled much research work and accumulated rich experience in computer aided part modeling, die & mould design, RP&RT. Especially, I am very proficient in running Pro/ENGINEER and operating SUN workstation . And , I also published 11 scientific papers in Chinese journals.

Would you please send me the application forms for admission and other relevant information at your earliest convenience? Thank you very much for your help.
                                                   Sincerely yours,

                                                       Guo Jiusheng
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Rapid Prototyping&Manufacturing ERC. Born : Sept. 27,1970
Xi'an Jiao Tong University Nationality : Chinese
Xi'an, Shaanxi 710049 Marital Status : Single
The People's Republic of China Health: Excellent
Office Phone : (029 )3268936 3268077 Fax : (029)3237910

9/1995—Present Will graduate and gain Ph.D. degree in Rapid Prototyping &Manufacturing ERC. in April,1999,School of Mechanical Engineering , Xi'an Jiao Tong University,Shaanxi,710049,P.R.China.

                    Main research interests include:
                    Computer Graphics(CG) CAD/CAM Feature-based Design Solid Modeling
                   CAD for die & mould Reverse Engineering
                   Rapid Prototyping &Rapid Tooling Design forManufacture ACES Injection Molding (AIM) Design For Assembly CAE for sheet metal forming Product Data management(PDM)
                   Medical Modeling from Scanned Images RP's application to Medical Recovery
                   Internet-based Rapid Prototyping

                    Dissertation for Ph.D. Degree:
"Research on CAD technique for Rapid Tooling based on Rapid
Supervisor:Prof. Gu Chongxian & Prof. Lu Bingheng

9/1992—8/1995 M.S. in CAD/CAM, Department of Mechatronics Engineering, Gansu University of Technology, Lanzhou, Gansu 730050,P.R.China

Thesis for M.S. degree:
"Research on Feature—based Design &Product Modeling System"

9/1988—8/1992 B.S. in Department of Manufacturing Engineering , Gansu University of Technology, Lanzhou, Gansu 730050, P.R.China.

1.Participated in the research project “The research on and development of Rapid Prototyping &Manufacturing technology”,supported in 1995 by State Science &Technology Commission as a key project in the 9th five-year-plan and by the Shaanxi provincial Commission Of Science & Technology as a major industrialization project. of leading CAD designers in RPM ERC , fulfilled the following
     projects with the aid of PTC Pro/Engineer on SUN workstation:
● Remote 3D CAD of a new type of car wheel for a car company
● CAD of engine cylinder and turbine impeller and Rapid Prototyping
● Reverse Engineering for four artifacts used for international bid,3D CAD solid modeling, Rapid Prototyping and Rapid Tooling
● 3D CAD of fans of an air conditioner for a car
● Reverse Engineering for a car handle and Rapid Prototyping, RT, design and manufacture of injection mould for it
3. Developed a software to automatically design parting direction, parting line, parting surface, identification and extract of undercut for mould design based on 3D CAD solid model.

AWARDS&HONORS: Won the tile of Excellent Student and Scholarship from "505" in October,1996 and October ,1997 in Xi'an Jiao Tong University

Fluent in reading, writing and oral . Passed CET—6 in June 1993 and CET-4 in January 1990.

(1) . Guo Jiusheng, Zhou Liming , Lu Bingheng,The product model and product modeling system based on feature, Journal of modular machine tools&automatic manufacture technique, NO.8,1996,39~42.
(2) .Guo Jiusheng, Wang Junjie, Li Dichan, Lu Bingheng, Rapid prototyping of cylinder using CAD software and Rapid prototyping machine, Journal of Mechanical Design, VOL.15, NO.2, 1998,37~38.
(3) .Guo Jiusheng,Liang Zhenhe,Lu bingheng,The technique on the processing of geometric and data model in Rapid Prototyping, Journal of Mechanical Science &Technology,VOL.17, NO.1,1998,88~90.
(4) .Guo Jiusheng,Hong Jun, Lu Bingheng, Rapid prototyping of hydro--turbine impeller ,Journal of Mechanical Design (to be published).
(5) .Guo Jiusheng,Li Baoming,Luo Chengming,Lu Bingheng ,Rapid Tooling based on Rapid Prototyping, Journal of Metal Forming Technology,VOL16.,NO.3, 1998,22~23.
(6) .Guo Jiusheng,Luo Chengming ,Li Baoming,Lu Bingheng,Research on the technique of rapid tooling based on Rapid Prototyping& Manufacturing,Journal of heavy Machinery ,VOL.16,NO.3,1998,24~26.
(7) .Guo Jiusheng,Yang Laixia,Lu bingheng, Reseach on the CAD technique of rapid tooling based ong Rapid Prototyping technique (to be published on Journal of Mechanical Science &Technology) .
(8) .Guo Jiusheng, Li Dichan,Ding Yucheng,Lu Bingheng, decision criteria of parting surface design, The 2nd China Rapid Priototyping &Rapid Tooling Conference,Xi'an ,1998,208~210.
(9) .Liang Zhenghe,Guo Jiusheng,Lu Bingheng, Key technology in design and implementation of foreign trade information processing, Journal of Xi'an Jiao Tong University, VOL.31,NO.7, 1997.
(10) .Li Baoming ,Guo Jiusheng,Li Dichan,Lu Bingheng,Manufacturing micromachinery by Selective Laser Sintering, the 2nd China Rapid Prototyping &Rapid Tooling Conference,Xi' an ,1998 ,86~88.
(11) .Luo Chengming ,Wang Fagen,Guo Jiusheng, Li Dichan, Rapid Prototyping of tile based on Rapid Prototyping technique, the 2nd China Rapid Prototyping &Rapid Tooling Conference, Xi'an , 1998,59~61.
(12) .Luo Chengming,Wang Junwen,Wang Fagen,Guo Jiusheng, Rapid Toolign of tile based on Rapid Prototyping,the 2nd China Rapid Prototyping &Rapid Tooling Conference, Xi'an,1998,265~268.
(13) .Wang Junjie,Guo Jiusheng,Hong Jun,Lu Bingheng, The research and experiment on the relationship between scanning type and accuracy in Rapid Prototyping &Manufacturing, Chinese Journal of Mechanical Engineering, VOL.8,NO.5, 1997,54~55.

                            Professor Gu Chongxian
        Consultant of Institute of Advanced Manufacturing Technology,
                            Xi'an Jiao Tong University,
                            Xi'an , Shaanxi 710049, P.R.China

                            Professor Lu Bingheng
                    Director of Rapid Prototyping &Rapid Tooling ERC.
                    Xi'an Jiao Tong University, Xi'an ,Shaanxi 710049,P.R.China


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