DuPont Sells Somos(R) Business to DSM Desotech

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Company Press Release
DuPont Sells Somos(R) Business to DSM Desotech
WILMINGTON, Del., April 5 /PRNewswire/ -- DuPont (NYSE: DD - news) announced today that it has sold its Somos® solid imaging business to DSM Desotech Inc. DSM Desotech also purchased the remaining worldwide rights to Somos equipment technology. The Somos business provides stereolithography liquids and selective laser sintering powders used in solid imaging to make three-dimensional objects from digital data. These objects are used to demonstrate form, fit and function, for new design concepts and products. Specific terms and conditions of the sale were not disclosed.
The Somos business headquarters will remain in New Castle, Del., and the existing staff will be maintained and expanded. DuPont will contract manufacture materials at its plant in Towanda, Pa., until manufacturing can be transferred to a DSM facility.
DSM Desotech is a world leader in the research and formulation of UV-curable materials, including adhesives, lacquers, hard-coats, and inks and coatings for optical fiber. It has been in the solid imaging market since the 1980s.
Says DSM Desotech president Ken Lawson, ``The addition of the Somos® business is a perfect fit with our current portfolio. Our UV/EB curable business has an extensive photopolymer estate. Adding the Somos technology will allow us to continue formulating innovative materials with greatly improved material properties.''
DuPont vice president John Hodgson said, ``Although the Somos business has grown over the last few years, long term it is a better strategic fit for DSM Desotech. We are pleased for the dedicated Somos employees and wish them well.''
Dwight Williams, manager of the Somos business, added, ``We see many advantages resulting from this acquisition by DSM Desotech. Among the most important are their extensive experience with UV/EB-curable materials and elastomeric engineering polymers. DSM Desotech has an established distribution channel to the Asian market through its joint venture with JSR Corporation. These developments will provide the industry with some significantly new options worldwide.''
DSM Desotech is a business unit of DSM NV, a highly integrated international chemicals and materials group headquartered in the Netherlands. Founded in 1902, DSM has annual sales of approximately NLG 15 billion and employs about 23,000 people at more than 200 sites in Europe, North and South America, Asia and Australia. DSM's head office is in Heerlen in The Netherlands.
DSM's activities are grouped in three clusters: life science products, performance materials, and polymers and industrial chemicals. The company's principal products are fine chemicals for the pharmaceutical and foodstuffs industries, plastics, resins, synthetic rubbers, raw materials for synthetic yarns and fibers, fertilizers and plastic products.
Founded in 1802, DuPont is a global research and technology-based company committed to better things for better living. DuPont serves worldwide markets including food and nutrition; health care; agriculture; fashion and apparel; home and construction; electronics; and transportation. The company operates in about 70 countries and has 92,000 employees.
NOTE: The designations UV and EB refer to ultraviolet wavelengths and electron beam, respectively.

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