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Date: Wed Apr 07 1999 - 01:19:01 EEST

Noname @ DSL3266@AOL.COM who posted the earlier message is Dan S. Lark,
salesman for 3D Systems, Inc. who lives at 3124 S. Woodard Blvd. in
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74105 with Phone #918-747-9512. He missed the sale to
OSU because they purchased an AAROFLEX machine. He called OSU and told
them they better send the machine back to AAROFLEX Inc. or he was
bringing a truck to confiscate the machine because it was infringing on
3D patents, but he never came. This is what we contend with all over
the nation where rumors and untrue stories are told about AAROFLEX, Inc.
or me. Dan (DSL3266@AOL.COM), thank you for coming out from the dark
just a little and revealing the true nature of my competition.

Albert C. Young, Jr., P.E.

PS: The fishing is really good in eastern Oklahoma this time of the

        Tue, 6 Apr 1999 08:16:41 EDT

Very interesting "opportunity"!

I think anyone in the RP community that expresses even a remote interest
this "opportunity" should give the fine people at Oklahoma State
University-Okmulgee a call and ask how their "half price opportunity" is

working (or not working). It seems that the "deal" includes a sales
with half truths, a system that works less than half the time and
less than half the promised customer support.

The students are paying full tuition for this lab decoration.

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