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<< Noname @ DSL3266@AOL.COM who posted the earlier message is Dan S. Lark,
 salesman for 3D Systems, Inc. who lives at 3124 S. Woodard Blvd. in
 Tulsa, Oklahoma 74105 with Phone #918-747-9512. He missed the sale to
 OSU because they purchased an AAROFLEX machine. He called OSU and told
 them they better send the machine back to AAROFLEX Inc. or he was
 bringing a truck to confiscate the machine because it was infringing on
 3D patents, but he never came. This is what we contend with all over
 the nation where rumors and untrue stories are told about AAROFLEX, Inc.
 or me. Dan (DSL3266@AOL.COM), thank you for coming out from the dark
 just a little and revealing the true nature of my competition.
 Albert C. Young, Jr., P.E. >>


I feel this thread is in particularly bad taste. If someone posted my home
address and phone number on a public forum maliciously it would be worth the
cost of an airline ticket to me to remind them of the error in their ways
personally. This world is very dangerous and I would not want my family
needlessly exposed. Please keep this forum on a professional level.
Thank you
Bob Morton
Fusion Engineering

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