Re: Noname critical of AAROFLEX at OSU

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Date: Wed Apr 07 1999 - 05:17:28 EEST

How does your actions differ from Dan's?

Jason Zimmerman
Fusion Engineering

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>Dear Bob & RPML,
>I agree with you that the family be kept private, however Dan is a single
>who should be responsible for his
>actions. I see no posting from you of his behavior. What do you think of
>actions? What would you do should
>someone speak of your business as he did of AAROFLEX, Inc.?
>Kind Regards,
>Albert C. Young
> wrote:
>> In a message dated 4/6/99 5:12:14 PM Central Daylight Time,
>> writes:
>> << Noname @ DSL3266@AOL.COM who posted the earlier message is Dan S.
>> salesman for 3D Systems, Inc. who lives at 3124 S. Woodard Blvd. in
>> Tulsa, Oklahoma 74105 with Phone #918-747-9512. He missed the sale to
>> OSU because they purchased an AAROFLEX machine. He called OSU and told
>> them they better send the machine back to AAROFLEX Inc. or he was
>> bringing a truck to confiscate the machine because it was infringing on
>> 3D patents, but he never came. This is what we contend with all over
>> the nation where rumors and untrue stories are told about AAROFLEX, Inc.
>> or me. Dan (DSL3266@AOL.COM), thank you for coming out from the dark
>> just a little and revealing the true nature of my competition.
>> Sincerely,
>> Albert C. Young, Jr., P.E. >>
>> I feel this thread is in particularly bad taste. If someone posted my
>> address and phone number on a public forum maliciously it would be worth
>> cost of an airline ticket to me to remind them of the error in their ways
>> personally. This world is very dangerous and I would not want my family
>> needlessly exposed. Please keep this forum on a professional level.
>> Thank you
>> Bob Morton
>> Fusion Engineering
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