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Date: Thu Apr 08 1999 - 19:38:23 EEST

Saw this article today. Any experience with this program?

                     Annouce a new product - Complete solution for 3D
Seockhoon Bae

INUS technology Inc. is pleased to announce the pre-release of
RapidForm1.3. ( see )
RapidForm is a powerful 3D reverse engineering Windows application
especially for 3D graphics and Rapid
Prototyping(RP). RapidForm is not a just scratch of known algorithmes.
We have developed a lot of creative algorithmes and
succesfully enhanced accuray, performance and easy of use. Although
RapidForm is strongly focused on mid range 3D
scanner users, RapidForm's powerful polygon editing functions will make
3D graphics designers be free from frustrating and
time consuming modeling burdens as well. And, for RP workers, RapidForm
provides bad polygon data fixing, thickening and
measuring functions.

To list major features briefly, - Point cloud processing
Triangulation, Noise filtering, Sampling and etc. - Multiview scanned
data modeling
Coordinate Registration and model Merging

- Polygon modeling
( following features can apply to a selected region as well )
Decimation, Subdivision, Smoothing, Remeshing, Trimming and etc -
Polygon editing
Hole filling, Illegal data cleaner, Group operation, Analytic geometry
fitting and etc

- Polygon cleaner
Non-manifold, redundant, bad normal or self-crossing face fixing. Spike
face deleting and etc.

- NURBS curve creation
Interpolated curves on a polyhedral model Section curves of a polyhedral
model and etc.

- Supported file formats
3ds, dxf, obj, iv, VRML, ply, STL, pov( export only ) IGES 126( NURBS
curve ) - And others
Measuring( distance, angle, area, volume, centroid and etc. ), Unlimited
Undo support, Windows friendly working
environment, and etc.

- Operation envrironments
Windows 95 / 98 / NT, OpenGL

It is hard to describe RapidForm's whole capabilities in this short
message. Please visit, review
features, download a free evaluation copy and play with it !

RapidForm is the right application that you have been looking for.

michael rees SCULPTOR
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