Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing 99 at Chicago

From: Rafael Santillan (santillan@ciateq.mx)
Date: Thu Apr 08 1999 - 21:16:16 EEST

Hii listers

I am sure that the most of you should be aware of the 99 RP&M expt at Chicago the next 20 to 22 of april 99
see << http://www.sme.org/cgi-bin/get-event.pl?--000085-000007-002256--SME- >>

I am part of this list and have a small RP business in Central Mexico. I have plans to assist to the show, and I can bet that the most of you based in central north and some other areas of USA and other countries will assist, therefore I would like to propouse a meeting during this event to have to opportunity to know each other face to face . I know the most of you becouse yuour contribution to this list and the enormous support you give to the incomers to this business, but I would like to know you better and I think some other listers share the same interest.

So the question for the ones that have plans to assit to Chicago would you like us "the RPlisters" to meet in a specific place and time during the Expo ? I hope you do and if so please suggest when and where and I will be very please to see you there.

If there is already a plan to meet please let me know.

Best regards

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