Re: Anyone heard of this?

From: Stanley Lechtzin (
Date: Fri Apr 09 1999 - 07:15:02 EEST

Hello Michael-

Thanks for passing this along. I've downloaded the beta and have given it a
quick look. it seems to have promise as an stl file repair tool. I'll give
it some bad files and see how it handles them.

I was pleased to see the article about you and your work in the supplement
to Time "Time digital" issue of April 12,'99 page 12. Excellent photo!
Wonderful PR for RP. Congratulations!


At 11:38 AM 04/08/1999 -0500, michael rees wrote:
>Saw this article today. Any experience with this program?
> Annouce a new product - Complete solution for 3D
>Seockhoon Bae
>INUS technology Inc. is pleased to announce the pre-release of
>RapidForm1.3. ( see )

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