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Date: Fri Apr 09 1999 - 15:30:58 EEST

> Dear list,
> A customer of ours has asked for the "linear temp coefficient" for some stereolithography parts that we have supplied to them.
> Can anybody shed any light on this question. The resin we used in this case was SL5180.
> Thanks in advance

I guess your customer means "linear thermal expansion coefficient".
If so, the thermal expansion of the SL parts in heated environment is
an issue which needs to be verified. This is particularly important
in investment casting and injection moulding. One of my colleagues,
Dr Richard Hague studied the thermal expansion of SL parts during his
PhD here at Nottingham University.

In brief, thermal expansion of SL parts has shown to be linearly
increasing from zero to 88 x 10^-6/oC up to 60oC, which is the
beginning of the glass transition temperature of epoxy resin, and to
be 181 x 10^-6/oC at 150oC.

I hope this helps.

Sadegh Rahmati

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