Time Digital and The Boston Cyberarts Festival

From: michael rees (zedand00@sound.net)
Date: Fri Apr 09 1999 - 19:28:02 EEST

Stanley Lechtzin wrote:
> Hello Michael-
> I was pleased to see the article about you and your work in the supplement
> to Time "Time digital" issue of April 12,'99 page 12. Excellent photo!
> Wonderful PR for RP. Congratulations!
> -Stanley


Thanks for the notice. I haven't seen a copy of the magazine as of yet.
Time Digital is not a web magazine. Its a print magazine. I guess a lot
of people subscribe to it, because I've gotten more than a few

For people in the Boston Area:

The first annual Boston Cyberarts Festival has a related exhibition
called "Mind Into Matter; New Digital Sculpture" curated by George
Fifield and Francine Koslow Miller. THis is a show of sculptures
produced with Rapid Prototyping that takes place at the Computer Museum
April 23-May15, 1999. THere is an opening reception on May 1 from 5-7P.

This is one of the first shows devoted completely to Sculpture and Rapid
Prototyping. Participants include: Tim Anderson, Jim Bredt, Dan Collins,
Bill Jones, Michael LaForte, Christian Lavigne, Denise Marika, and
Michael Rees.

Articles have appeared about the show and the Cyberfest in general in
Art New England (current edition) and at least one upcoming article in
the New York Times.

For more information about the Boston Cyberarts Festival please visit:

michael rees SCULPTOR 		http://www.sound.net/~zedand00/
1212 w 8th St. Bldg B #2, 	816 753 3020 voice    zedand00@sound.net
KC, Mo 64101			816 753 1542 fax

For more information about the rp-ml, see http://ltk.hut.fi/rp-ml/

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