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   Within the industry of injection molding, P-20 alloy steel has been the
standard choice for injection mold materials for a wide variety of
applications for decades. Here at New Design Models we have found that
Powder Metal Alloys are not only more appropriate for most injection molds,
but better, more efficient performers.
   Our research has resulted in the development of injection molds (composed
of Powder Metal Alloys) with a tensile strength of up to 120,000 PSI. These
molds are inexpensive enough to produce, that they need not be limited to
high-end applications. We have found that Powder Metal Alloys are more
polishable, weldable and heat treatable than other materials currently
available. Stainless Steel Powder Metal Alloys also have a high mechanical
strength, hardness (comparable to H-13) and corrosion resistance against
hard resins.
   After years of research, New Design Models has developed and perfected
techniques that allow us to provide accurate tooling inserts and parts of
Powder Metal Alloys from your pattern.

Size: Solid Up to 11 x 7 x 11/4│
         Hollow Up to 11 x 7 x 4│
Accuracy: +/- .001 in/in to pattern
Material: Stainless Steel 420
Standard hardness equivalent to P-20
Tooling insert surfaces can be textured or polished.
Inserts are 100% dense (no porosity) and can be machined, drilled, reamed,
EDM╣ed, and welded.

   At New Design Models, most inserts are delivered within two weeks from
receipt of pattern. Currently our research has been directed towards the
development of superior EDM Tungsten Copper Electrodes, with tremendous
    We are looking forward to sharing our products with you at the upcoming
Rapid-Prototyping & Manufacturing show in Rosemont, Chicago on April 21st &
22nd. We will be at booth 330.

Simeon Bojilov, President
New Design Models

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